Safia aged 20 explained her situation to us which was that she was being forced to marry and the pressure was mostly prevalent from her mother who was Continue reading “Safia”


Raheel was a British Pakistani female who had been divorced once previously due to being in an abusive marriage. Her family then forced her to marry a cousin in Pakistan Continue reading “Raheel”


Sunil was brought to our attention by his partner who called stating she was concerned about him. His family were described as controlling and had practically disowned him Continue reading “Sunil”


Leah is a British female who had been married to an Indian man, when she met him he had only been in the UK a few months, working. The relationship started when they Continue reading “Leah”


Amar called for support explaining that he was gay and his family were not accepting of his sexuality. They were pressuring him to marry and had made him have exorcisms Continue reading “Amar”


When 22 year old Aisha called on a Saturday afternoon she was crying. She had fled from her home because her family were trying to force her into a marriage in Pakistan Continue reading “Aisha”