Whether you are at risk or are concerned for someone that is, we are available to listen and help. We offer confidential advice and emotional support to both victims and professionals. Call us on 0800 5999 247.

  • Are you being pressured to get married against your will?
  • Do you fear to bring shame & dishonour on your family?
  • Have you been emotionally or physically abused?
  • Are you confused about what they say scripture demands of you?
  • Do you worry about being disowned? 

If you have suffered emotionally or physically, been disowned or have run away from home we can help you. If you are gay and fear the consequences of coming out we will stand by you.

Perhaps you have been living in a forced marriage for years and would just like to talk, we will listen and we will help you too.

For over twenty years we have helped thousands of men and women across the UK. Please don’t suffer in silence, call our helpline. Karma Nirvana does not discriminate between age, gender, sexuality, faith or no faith.


All calls are strictly confidential. We never divulge information to your family, friends or community.

Our call handlers

Our multilingual call handlers are highly experienced and well trained, they understand the complex and emotional issues around honour and shame. They know about the grey area between an arranged and forced marriage. Some of our team are survivors themselves and have experienced honour-based abuse first hand.

The helpline team are there to listen and offer non-judgemental emotional support. They can give immediate practical guidance.

If there is a risk to a caller’s safety, we will assist in sourcing safe, temporary accommodation. Where necessary we can offer guidance on getting support from other agencies, such as social services, housing, income support and registering with a new doctor.


“I was so alone and frightened. I am eternally grateful the helpline staff who listened and understood what I was going through. They helped me turn my life around and were there when no one else was..” Anon. 

“One of our students was being pressured to marry, she was over 16 and we weren’t really sure where we stood legally. Thankfully, I was told about KN’s support line. They gave us sensible practical advice which gave us the confidence to act.” Anon Teacher.  

Helpline in numbers

Since launching the UK Helpline in 2008 we have received almost 60,000 telephone calls from victims, concerned friends and professionals (teachers, police officers, social workers and doctors).

So far in 2017, we are averaging between approximately  650 and 800 calls per month.

In 2016  just over 7,000 calls were made from men and women.

The top 5 calling areas are London, Birmingham, Leeds, Derby and Oxfordshire.

We believe that the current volume of calls to our helpline is just the tip of the iceberg. Karma Nirvana doesn’t have the financial resource to advertise or hire year round PR agency support and so it is likely there are many thousands of people in communities up and down the country that don’t even know we exist.

No Recourse to Public Funds

At the helpline we can provide emotional and practical support to victims with no recourse to public funds. We DO NOT provide immigration advice.

Some suggestions for support for victims with no recourse to public funds are:

If in immediate danger contact the police on 999

Confidential helpline feedback

If we share this feedback would you prefer us to use a pseudonym?