Founder and CEO

Karma Nirvana was founded in Derby in 1993 by the survivor, campaigner and author Jasvinder Sanghera CBE.

Helpline Staff

We are a diverse group of like-minded individuals with a shared passion for helping people and realising change. Some of our team are survivors themselves and have experienced honour-based abuse, disownment and forced marriage first hand.

We also benefit from a network of volunteers from around the country and generous supporters from around the world.  So, whilst we’re based in West Yorkshire, we are a national charity.

Board of Trustees

Karma Nirvana’s Trustees are responsible for:

  • Safeguarding the name and values of the charity
  • Overall policy and direction
  • Shaping strategy, ensuring financial stability and improving performance

To enquire about becoming a Trustee please email us.

UK Patrons

Adil Ray OBE, Actor, Writer and Broadcaster

Bobby Friction, Presenter, BBC Asian Network