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Karma Nirvana is an award-winning British Human Rights Charity supporting victims of Honour Based Abuse and Forced Marriage.

We run a national helpline offering direct support and guidance to victims and professionals. Karma Nirvana provides training to the Police, NHS and Social Services. We act as expert witnesses in court, speak out in schools and attend awareness raising events internationally. In addition, our team lobby government and after ten years of campaigning forced marriage became a criminal offence in 2014.

Karma Nirvana was founded in 1993 by Jasvinder Sanghera CBE who escaped a forced marriage by running away from home at 16yrs old. Jasvinder has been a campaigner for 24 years and is the author of The Sunday Times bestseller, ‘Shame’, ‘Daughters of Shame’ and ‘Shame Travels’.

Karma Nirvana means peace and enlightenment.

Culture, Religion and Tradition is no excuse, 

Forced Marriage is illegal in the UK.