A recent HMIC inspection recognised that many forces are not sufficiently prepared to protect victims of Honour Based Abuse. It is evident whilst there are pockets of positive practice, provision for victims of Honour Based Abuse must improve. Victims of Honour Based Abuse face unique difficulties in reporting such incidents and crimes. In order to understand better the complexities cases of Honour Based Abuse can pose, it is key for all officers from first response through to strategic to understand these issues.

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I work as: a first responder, Police Civilian Staff, Call handler
Training Level


Who should undertake this training? Outcomes
This Training will:
Basic Awareness

(3 hours)

first responder, Police Civilian Staff, Call handler This training will enable officers to understand the background of honour based abuse in addition to its prevalence in the UK. It will ensure officers are aware of the key definitions in this field including the differentiation between an arranged and forced marriage. This training covers best practice guidance to handling a case of honour based abuse, reducing the risk of an officer’s practice and procedure falling short of statutory obligations.

(1 day)


As above In addition to the above, the intermediate training will:

  • Review of a real life case study
  • Analysis and study of real life case studies, identifying criminal offences and progressing a HBA investigation
  • Provide an investigation checklist and guidance
  • Provide an overview of the criminal and civil law relating to FM
I work in: PPU/VPU, CID
Training Level


Who should undertake this training? Outcomes
This Training will:
Advanced(3 days) PPU/VPU, CID The Karma Nirvana 3 day SPOC training is aimed at Public Protection Unit officers that already have a foundation level of understanding into domestic abuse and child protection. This training will enable officers to profile a victim of honour based abuse and understand the barriers that these victims face and how to overcome these. This course also trains the specialist officers in the Karma Nirvana Police risk assessment, enabling them to risk assess these cases more accurately. This course also provides an overview of the statutory and legislations that will impact an officers role.
I work in: MIT
Training Level Who should undertake this training? Outcomes
Intermediate(3 hours) Major Investigation Teams This training is aimed at officers dealing with murder potentially motivated to protect the honour of the family and/or community. This training focuses on working reactively, dealing with the aftermath of a serious crime and focuses on understanding the power of honour within this context. This training concentrates an officer questioning technique to ask the appropriate and effective questions to understanding the victim, the perpetrator and the “honour” motive.

Police Training Testimonials

Have really enjoyed the course, I feel much more confident to be able to deal with HBA/FM. It is very enlightening to be given a course by someone who has actually dealt with victims and clearly knows their subject matter. Thank you”
“Very informative – I didn’t realise how much I didn’t know – till I knew it!!”
“I fell it is invaluable to PPU officers and that all PPU officers should attend the course, along with front line officers. Natasha was a very engaging speaker. She was extremely knowledgeable and clearly enthusiastic about the subject and engaged the whole room for the entire 3 day course”
“*A must course for every police officer* I can honestly say that I feel truly privileged to have had the opportunity to attend this course – the best course I have attended in my 18 years police service. I look forward to investigating/ dealing with any future HBV cases to the best of my ability and put the new knowledge into operation. I hope this matter is taken seriously by senior officers to enable us to police this matter effectively.”
“The Karma Nirvana risk assessment model superseded current methods used to assessment risk in cases of honour based abuse and forced marriage. It was strongly felt that this risk assessment should be disseminated nationally”
“Overall, the entire course has been excellent, very comprehensive coverage of ALL aspects of this subject matter. I previously supervised a unit of “specialist” HBV officers for a period of 3 years, but have learnt more over the last 3 days than through my experience in that unit. I wish I had received this training 4 years ago! (I have previously attended a HBV/FM course, locally developed but it was, in comparison to this course, inadequate). The checklist exercise illustrated the extent of the group learning through the course. Victim/Survivor input was impactive for the group.”
“A must for police. We deal with HBV weekly. I will put this into practice and look forward to using the risk assessment. Brilliant course”
“I have enjoyed this course and feel that a ‘hot potato’ of a course has been delivered in a detailed and correct pace. The DVD and survivor talk were very impactive. Brilliant course – hopefully will be delivered to all organisations nationally! Much needed!”
“This course has given me in-depth insight into other cultures and how they deal with our laws, and the barriers/stereotypes that victims may have. This has been a most enjoyable course, I would recommend this to all police, whatever their rank”
“Very thorough, enjoyable course which covers all aspects of HBA. It is more relative to my role that I thought prior to attending and has been very useful, not only just dealing with HBA victims, but can also be applied to other victims of DA”
“This course needs to be rolled out to all direct supervisors, so that they have an understanding of the realities, not just government statistics. Excellent course and presentation. Thank you”
“Course presentation by Natasha was excellent. She was engaging and knowledgeable and the 3 day course was about right pace and amount of information and the handbook is excellent. Great input from CEO – Thanks!

Forces that have received Karma Nirvana Training