Gwent PoliceOne of the most effective routes to reach and support victims in this complex field is to educate the people around them. That means raising awareness through Schools, Police Forces, CPS, Local Authorities and many more.

Karma Nirvana is at the cutting edge of policy, practice and engagement with those impacted. We remain involved in the delivery of statutory guidance and further developments within government policy. We have devised training days and events for all agencies and helped to develop competence and increase professional confidence. Our training is highly regarded and evaluated, not only for its impact, but for the improved responses in organisations.

As part our commitment to raise awareness and educate, we offer a number of training events and workshops to help teach people about forced marriages and honour based abuse.

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Our police training will enable officers to understand the background of honour based abuse in addition to its prevalence in the UK.

Frontline Professionals

This training covers best practice guidance to handling a case of honour based abuse, including the dos and don’ts and the potential triggers for a forced marriage.

Social Care

The training will ensure social care professionals (Child and Adult care) are aware of the key definitions in this field.

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Tailored Training

Karma Nirvana can develop your teams’ skills with a powerful training session focusing on the specific needs of your area or agency. We can help you identify the risk factors, assess risk more confidently or show you how to train others to be more aware of honour-based abuse and forced marriage. Whatever your needs we can create a course that fits, from a one-hour workshop to a seminar for 50 people.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can develop bespoke training for your organisation.

Karma Nirvana Train The Trainer

Train the Trainer

If you would like to find out more about what this course entails, please contact Karma Nirvana on 0113 8870281 to find out more.

Our training services help us to achieve our mission:

Increase Reporting, Reduce Isolation, Save Lives.

Training Testimonials

“Today has totally opened my eyes to what I have heard about but was totally unaware as to the extent. I feel very ignorant and somewhat guilty because of it. I will hopefully be able to take what I have learned today into my practice as a social worker.”
“The day was very informative and thought provoking. Good opportunities to ask questions. Speakers very knowledgeable”
“This was a very absorbing session which exposed myths & made me realise that HBA is not cultural – it’s criminal!”