RoadshowsFINAL235What are Karma Nirvana Roadshows?

The concept of our Roadshows is simple: they are aimed at raising awareness of Honour Based Abuse and Forced Marriages amongst the front line professionals  and communities that experience these issues, such as police, nurses and teachers.

Professionals are then able to appreciate the reality of these issues.

Our past roadshows have focused on forced marriages affecting children and young people, Forced Marriage Protection Orders, Repatriations of a Forced Marriage victim and recently the criminalisation of forced marriage.

Why Roadshows?

We know from experience that raising awareness helps to reduce isolation, thus saving lives. Our Roadshows are free, half day events, providing everyone a necessary reason to attend.

Supplying basic knowledge around these issues, they instil a confidence within the professional, helping them to approach every case effectively.

How do we make them happen?

Working with our local partners across the UK, Karma Nirvana Roadshows can reach most support services. We are ever so thankful for all the support we have received throughout our campaigns.

If you wish to become one of our partners and would like to host Karma Nirvana in your town, then please contact our roadshow team for further assistance.

When are they held?

Our past campaigns have run either before the summer break or at the beginning of new term, as helpline calls increase around these periods.

Over the last two campaigns we have visited over 80 towns and cities across the UK.

What’s next?

This year we focus on the Women Empowerment Roadshows – ‘People from all backgrounds can make a difference’.

For the first time Karma Nirvana will be aiming our Roadshows to communities to tackle this abuse together.

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