Community Champion & Trustee Applications

We are seeking volunteers to join our Community Champions programme to help raise awareness of Honour-Based Abuse and Forced Marriage in the UK. As well as volunteers the charity is recruiting Trustees, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

Following our Open Evening on 8 December the application rounds are now open.

Community Champions:

Thank you to all participants for completing and sending their applications. We will be informing all participants  of the outcome and next steps by 1 February.

Trustee Roles:



My family are controlling me? What can I do?

Many families, particularly within diaspora communities, implore children to behave in a way which is deemed socially and/or culturally acceptable, in order to preserve the family’s ‘honor’ (or izzat in some cultures). This concept of “honor” refers to a person’s and/or family’s righteousness in the eyes of their community. It is often utilized to ensure that people act in accordance with a certain code or set of rules. As such, if people follow what is considered socially good, they are honored; if not, they are shamed.
In order to uphold this ‘honor’, your family may prevent you from doing things they deem inappropriate, such as becoming involved with friends or a boyfriend or girlfriend from a different culture or religion, wearing certain clothes or makeup, taking part in activities that might not be considered traditional within a particular culture, or being of a certain sexuality. Continue reading “My family are controlling me? What can I do?”