Sunil was brought to our attention by his partner who called stating she was concerned about him. His family were described as controlling and had practically disowned him

due to him leaving home. He is a recovering alcoholic and has been hospitalised previously. His partner expressed her concerns as she felt he was at risk of a forced marriage to a woman from abroad that was the same cast as him. She added the whole family were abusive and violent and how four generations lived in one house and the elders took the salaries of everyone.

She decided to call the police to intervene but then decided she did not want them to attend the property. We therefore advocated to the police on her behalf and suggested they didn’t attend as this would increase the risks. Response was they would consider risks but would have to do a safe and well check. Victim did not disclose anything when they arrived and they confirmed he had been married previously to someone else- which his girlfriend appeared to not be aware of.

The victim got back in touch with us a while later via a friend stating he was fleeing honour based abuse from his family and wanted support in accessing housing. With his permission, we advocated to the council whereby he wanted to access housing and reinforced the risks and concerns surrounding his case. The case is still ongoing, as he is waiting for housing to become available so that he can flee his family. Our support continues.