Safia aged 20 explained her situation to us which was that she was being forced to marry and the pressure was mostly prevalent from her mother who was due to visit Bangladesh
and this is when she thought her mother could potentially be seeking a spouse for her. She wanted to know what her options were as she had already considered leaving, but she knew she did not want to leave at that point but in a few weeks.

We explained her options to her from which she said refuge would be the best option. We told her we would definitely support her through this.

We gave her some safety advice, telling her she could call anytime in between if she had any questions or needed to speak to someone.

Safia them made contact with us again 2 weeks later and explained her circumstances had changed and that she needed to leave that day, the situation had worsened and her mum had returned from Bangladesh and there would be talks of marriage.

She was sure she wanted to go into refuge.

Karma nirvana were able to locate a refuge and put together a safety plan for this female and help her to leave safely, which involved getting in touch with the Police to help her leave her families house safely.