Raheel was a British Pakistani female who had been divorced once previously due to being in an abusive marriage. Her family then forced her to marry a cousin in Pakistan

telling her that because she had been divorced once it would be unlikely anybody would want to marry her again. She explained that she went ahead with the marriage to find out later that her husband only married her for visa purposes.

Eventually, they ended up with two daughters and after some miscarriages, her husband forced her to go through IVF treatment so that they could conceive a boy. When she eventually fell pregnant her husband said that if she was having a girl then she would be having an abortion. Raheel explained that her in-laws and her husband were already very emotionally abusive towards her two daughters and did not play a part in their lives, the caller did everything for her daughters. The caller was extremely anxious going for the scan, however, the scan revealed that she was, in fact, having a boy.

The abuse continued and the male child was also subject to abuse. The female got out by calling the Police and social services were involved. Mother and children are safe today with the help of authorities.