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KN Youth is run by young people with real experience. Together, we will increase reporting, reduce isolation, save lives.

Arranged Marriage

  • A marriage where families take a leading role
  • Traditional
  • Both parties provide consent
  • There is no pressure or duress
  • Ultimately, you have a choice. You can say YES or NO

Forced Marriage

  • A marriage that is forced on you by family
  • One or both people do not, or cannot, consent
  • Parties are pressured, threatened or guilted into marriage
  • Duress is used


Honour Based Abuse is a type of domestic abuse that is most often perpetrated in the name of family ‘honour’. Individuals are punished for bringing shame on the family. Abuse includes physical, emotional, sexual and financial, as well as kidnapping and even murder.

Forced marriage is not part of any religion, tradition or culture, but you may be told otherwise. Forced Marriage is not acceptable, it is abuse.

What is KN Youth?
KN Youth allows young people to get involved in the charity and help raise awareness on Forced Marriage and Honour Based Abuse. Karma Nirvana’s YPA (Young Person Officer) Anna Kaur visits schools and colleges across the UK, delivering interactive sessions to you and your classmates.

What is a session?
Karma Nirvana sessions are free for your school or college. They involve a 45 minute presentation that looks into the differences between Forced Marriage and Arranged Marriage, as well as highlighting HBA.

What happens in a session?
Our sessions allow you to share your questions and opinions in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Each session includes a video of a survivor story, which your group can decide if they want to watch. Short, key video clips are also shared, helping you all to understand how these issues are child abuse.

Do KN Youth sessions work?

Absolutely! In 2014-2015, we saw a huge rise in young people calling the helpline. In one particular city, Karma Nirvana received 32 calls in two months, compared to 12 calls the previous year.

We inspire young people

The students at St. John Bosco Arts College in Liverpool were driven to raise awareness of HBA and FM after hearing from Karma Nirvana. The story of Shafilea Ahmed inspired them to take action, and they have organised events included a tree planting memorial.

You can make a difference

“Raising awareness of forced marriages and honour abuse is my mission, and I have used every opportunity to do so. I arranged for my college to be visited by Anna Kaur from Karma Nirvana and then distributed posters and leaflets. Since then I’ve had many opportunities to discuss FM and HBA with students, teachers and governors. It still amazes me at how such a widespread issue can be unbeknown to so many people. With the help of my Envision Group, I’ve also arranged events to raise money, including a screening of the ‘Honour Diaries’ at my college, supported by funding from O2 Think Big.” – Student, Woodhouse College

KN Youth Characters

KN Youth Opportunities

  • Want to arrange a session at your own school or college?
  • Want to volunteer?
  • Want to organise an event to raise funds?
  • Want to raise awareness amongst young people in your community?

Get in touch by emailing ypo@karmanirvana.org.uk

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