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Karma Nirvana are delighted to announce that alongside other UK charities, we have been awarded a grant towards our helpline, extending the service to evenings and weekends. The helpline receives over 700 UK calls a month whilst missing over 200 calls a month. The majority of these calls are during the evening and weekend, a time when we are closed.

This funding comes at one of our greatest times of need and will make a significant difference to the lives of those we serve. We will now be able to extend the helpline to evenings and weekends reducing missed calls, increasing calls and saving lives.

Karma Nirvana provided the first national helpline assisting thousands of UK victims experiencing forced marriages & honour related abuse.

We support both men and women dealing with cases as young as 10. The helpline deals with the most serious abuses where victims are at risk of death threats, kidnap, and rape, to name a few. Victims always have numerous family perpetrators that leads to greater isolation, abuse and suicidal thoughts.

This news comes at a critical time for our work as the school holidays are around the corner. This being the greatest time of risk whereby families could be making plans for marriage many will be underage. We will now work tirelessly to ensure professionals and victims are aware that Karma Nirvana can support out of hours.

‘I am elated at this news! Victims and professionals exist after 5pm and weekends too.  Extending the helpline will enable us to reach the most isolated victims at home and support emergency out of hours services. It has been painful to think someone had the courage to call KN and we were not there.’ Jasvinder Sanghera CBE

‘A victim can be in danger anytime of the day and hour, survivor’s like myself are more vulnerable during the evenings and weekends. I remember being stranded at home with no escape waiting till Monday mornings. I am delighted that this service will be available to many more victims out there.’ Nisha, Survivor Ambassador Panel

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