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Calls received in 2015


of callers under age of 17


Victims that were pregnant


New reports each month

£5 would provide a awareness pack

£10 would pay for a victim to access free helpline support

£75 would provide a survivor to share their journey at a event

£100 would provide 4 classroom workshops to students

£200 would print 5,000 posters to continue raising awareness

£500 would support our phone lines for a month

£1,000 would provide a day's training to police or social workers

img-logoVirgin Money Giving is a secure method to donate to Karma Nirvana. You can choose a one-off amount to donate, or select to donate regular amounts each month. You can also donate anonymously.

JustGiving-LogoOur Just Giving is another secure channel to donate to Karma Nirvana or raise funds for your own event. Again, you can choose the exact amount you wish to donate, set up a monthly donation, and do so anonymously.

Other ways to donate

By Mobile

Donate to Karma Nirvana via mobile: you can send donations securely by text message. Simply text KNUK10 £5 to 70070. Every donation helps us to help others.

By Post

We also gladly accept postal donations. Please remember to make all cheques payable to Karma Nirvana, PO Box 515, Leeds LS6 9DW.

A Legacy

Would you consider making a gift to Karma Nirvana in your Will? Remember to include our full name, registered charity number, and the amount that you wish to give.

Fundraising News

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