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04.KN_ProfileImage-v2Welcome to our second annual Day of Memory. The legacy continues today as we come together to honour the memories of those whose lives were tragically taken in abuses related to honour and/or forced marriages.

We have not walked alone on this journey as more than 100,000 members of the public in 2014 joined our joint campaign with Cosmopolitan in signing a petition.


This year many people across the country will be playing their part by raising awareness with the aim of breaking the silences of the many victims we have yet to reach. Last year we collectively raised awareness that led to 58 new victim callers to our helpline on the day after the Day of Memory and over 22 million impressions on Twitter.

This year we will mark Shafilea’s 30th birthday by coming together and sharing platforms. Survivors will again courageously share their personal experiences in the hope that others will learn from them. Fathers will share their moving testimonies and experiences of their sons, the lives of whom they believe were cut short by honour based abuse.

This year’s Day of Memory has been achieved by the spirit of commitment and partnership both locally and nationally.  We would like to thank Northumbria Police Crime Commissioner, Safe Newcastle, Leo Burnett and most importantly our survivors whom bravely shared their personal experiences.

This is how you can help spread the word.

What Happened on the First Day of Memory?

In order to raise further awareness of the horrors victims have faced, we worked alongside Leo Burnett London and launched an innovative social media campaign.

This campaign invited the public to build a memorial for Shafilea in a bid to commemorate all those women lost to honour-based violence. The intent of the social campaign is to use plastic in a more positive way: to thwart that intention by rebuilding and restoring her memory, as well commemorating the other victims of ‘honour’ killings.

 Impact of Day of Memory 2015

  • 4,647 tweets
  • 22,550,511 potential impressions
  • Visit Our Web page
  • 2,354 hits on 14th July (DOM)
  • 5,638 hits week 13th – 19th July
  • National Press reach: 6,060,000 potential reach
  • Online Press: 414,967,374

Impact on Helpline:

  • 58 calls on DOM itself – 263% uplift on previous daily average
  • Busiest July since 2009: 718 calls (Up from 669 in July 2014 – 7.3% rise) and an increase of 176 calls on June 2015 (32.5% rise)
  • From the 14th July to 31st July 486 calls were received by the helpline, more than double the first two weeks of July
  • Av. 32 calls per day to helpline during week of campaign (96% uplift on week prior)

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