Advocacy Project

Karma Nirvana is offering a face to face advocacy service for victims and survivors of honour based abuse and forced marriage across West Yorkshire. A piloted project funded by Lloyds Foundation.

What we offer:

  • Face to face advocacy support for victims and survivors of Forced marriage and Honour based abuse
  • Someone to provide confidential emotional support using an empathic, non-judgmental, victim focussed approach
  • Someone who can recognise the risks associated with HBA & FM and risk assess accordingly.
  • Someone who will work with the victim to assess the support they need and help access the relevant services/organisations using a multi-agency approach with both voluntary and statutory organisations in West Yorkshire
  • Someone who can speak to professionals on the victim/survivor’s behalf when they feel they cannot themselves.
  • Someone who can advocate to professionals in order to ensure specific risks are understood and handled correctly in accordance with the statutory guidelines.

Advocacy FAQ’s

Who can refer to the advocacy support service?
Referrals can only be made by professionals.

Does the victim/survivor need to consent to this support?
Yes we require the victim to have consented prior to making contact with them

How long will the support last for?
The face to face support will be for 6 weeks.  Following this, the victim/survivor will have ongoing support from the helpline if needed.

Is the advocate legally trained?
No, Karma Nirvana does not offer legal advice however can refer to relevant services that do.

What is the referral process into the advocacy service?

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