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  • Are you being pressured to get married against your will?
  • Do you fear to bring shame or dishonour on your family?
  • Have you been emotionally or physically abused?
  • Are you confused about what they say scripture demands of you?
  • Do you worry about being disowned?

If you are concerned about any of the above, please call us in confidence.

Culture, Religion and Tradition are not an excuse; forced marriage is illegal in the UK. 

Karma Nirvana deserve huge credit for shining a light on this issue to help give people on the frontline the confidence to speak out.
Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg
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Our view on the Forced Marriage Convictions

The charity Karma Nirvana on average receive 22 reports every week from children and young people concerned about a forced marriage, however, despite legislation introduced in June 2014, convictions have been rare until this week when we saw two prosecutions in the space of one week. ...
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Fozia, Survivor of Forced Marriage reflects on the Day of Memory conference.

I was delighted to attend the annual Day of Memory this month, remembering those lost to so-called 'honour killings'. Of course it was Shafilea Ahmed who inspired the event, murdered 14 years ago by her own parents for becoming ‘too westernised’ in the UK ...
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Asma, Survivor of Honour Based Abuse reflects on Karma Nirvana’s Day of Memory conference.

Karma Nirvana held its third Day of Memory  to remember those who have been killed in the name of so called ‘honour’.  The event took place in Leeds at the magnificent Civic Hall. Travelling up from London for this event was an honour for me, an honour in its truest sense.  Not the misguided notion of honour that meant females, males and also non-binary people were  murdered by so called family members who were supposed to love and cherish them. There were events to commemorate the Day of Memory all over the UK, I imagined all the gatherings and how they ...
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Zee, Survivor of Forced Marriage reflects on Karma Nirvana’s Day of Memory Conference.

Waking up to the third annual Day of Memory, I was very excited that this year it was being held in West Yorkshire - my home county. Feeling very proud that the authorities I grew up with who didn’t know about forced marriage and honour based abuse, were now united with Karma Nirvana in a mission to end it ...
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