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  • Are you being pressured to get married against your will?
  • Do you fear to bring shame or dishonour on your family?
  • Have you been emotionally or physically abused?
  • Are you confused about what they say scripture demands of you?
  • Do you worry about being disowned?

If you are concerned about any of the above, please call us in confidence.

Culture, Religion and Tradition are not an excuse; forced marriage is illegal in the UK. 

I know the impact of Karma Nirvana’s work and the importance of Asian men playing their part in taking a stand.
BBC Asian Network Presenter and Patron, Bobby Friction
Have you recently called our helpline and spoken to one of our call handlers?
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Community Champion & Trustee Applications

We are seeking volunteers to join our Community Champions programme to help raise awareness of Honour-Based Abuse and Forced Marriage in the UK. As well as volunteers the charity is recruiting Trustees, a Secretary and a Treasurer. Following our Open Evening on 8 December the application rounds are now open. Community Champions: Thank you to all participants for completing and sending their applications. We will be informing all participants  of the outcome and next steps by 1 February. Trustee Roles: THIS HAS NOW CLOSED ...
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I am being forced into a marriage. What can I do?

Forced marriages occur when one or both of the prospective spouses do not consent to the marriage but are coerced into it by their families or community, and they are illegal in the UK. Everyone has the right to make their own decision as to when and whom they want to marry. It can be a very difficult and overwhelming if you ...
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My parents don’t let me continue my education. What can I do?

Education is vital for any child. It provides you with the skill set needed for you to live your life as an independent and successful adult as you grow older. In the UK, if you are under 16, you are legally required to attend school full-time until the end of the academic year when you turn 16 ...
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My family are controlling me? What can I do?

Many families, particularly within diaspora communities, implore children to behave in a way which is deemed socially and/or culturally acceptable, in order to preserve the family’s ‘honor’ (or izzat in some cultures). This concept of "honor" refers to a person's and/or family’s righteousness in the eyes of their community. It is often utilized to ensure that people act in accordance with a certain code or set of rules. As such, if people follow what is considered socially good, they are honored; if not, they are shamed. In order to uphold this ‘honor’, your family may prevent you from doing things ...
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